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Sectorial Studies

Researches and Studies:


The following are (The Gap Between Supply and Demand sides) studies for the most priorty economic sectors in Jordan  :


NO. Sector Download - full study Available in Arabic Only Download Executive Summary in English
​1​Sector of Pharmaceutics 2019DownloadDownload
​2​Sector of Chemical, plastic and rubber industries 2019DownloadDownload
​3​Sector of Jewelry 2019DownloadDownload
4Sector of Toursim for 2018 Download Download
5Sector of Communications and Information Technology for 2018  Download Download
6Sector of Constructions for 2018 Download Download
7Sector of Health for 2015  Download Download
8Sector of Food, beverages and tobacco trade for 2015  Download Download
9Sector of Food, beverages and tobacco Industry for 2015 Download Download
10Sector of Agriculture for 2014 Download Download
11Sector of Garments for 2014 Download Download
12Sector of Furniture for 2014 Download Download
13Sector of Hair Dressing for 2014 Download Download
14Sector of Monetary Intermediation for 2014 Download Download
15Sector of Electormechnical Installtion for 2014 Download Download
16Sector of Maintenance and Repair of Motor Vehicles for 2013 Download Download
17Sector of Engineering and Electrical Industry for 2013 Download Download
18 Sector of Retail Sale of Automotive Fuel in Specialized Stores for 2013 Download Download