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How to Write Your CV

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a summary of the skills and experiences which you possess and its primary goal is to land you an interview with a prospective employer. However, it is of significance because it represents your first point of contact with an employer, and therefore it dictates to him/her who he/she is expecting to meet, and what way they should approach an interview with you.

When do you use a CV

A number of circumstances will require you to submit a CV:

  • An ad for a vacancy may request a CV, in this case, a Cover letter will also need to be sent to express your interests in that specific position.
  • You may be personally interested in a prospective employer, and choose to send your CV to them without the availability of a vacancy. This will reflect motivation, as well as an informed interest in them, which will allow them to consider your application.
  • At times you may expect to fill out an application form that your prospective employer uses as a CV format. This will be their method of finding out the same information which you would normally reveal in your personal CV. Developing a CV ahead of time, gets you prepared for what information you can expect to give in their vacancy application form.

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