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Classification Systems

Establishing a national human resources database requires the local sub-systems to classify human resource information in accord with international systems, to get capable of withstanding the scrutiny of international standards. Therefore, in an effort to reach these aims, the Al Manar Project has issued the following HRI manuals:

  1. Jordanian Standard Occupation Classification.(download/ available in Arabic only)
  2. Jordanian Standard Education Classification. (download/ available in Arabic only)
  3. Jordanian Standard Industrial Economic Activities Classification. (download/ available in Arabic only)
  4. Jordanian Settlement Classification. (download/ available in Arabic only)
  5. UN state members Classification. (download/ available in Arabic only)

The primary objectives of publishing these classification manuals can be summarized in the following points:

  1. To develop a common terminology among different HRI producers in Jordan.
  2. To contribute to the establishment of a modern, unified, and detailed HRI database.
  3. To provide indicators about the Jordanian labor market and human resources, compatible with the international indicators.
  4. To estimate future trends of labor supply and demand.
  5. To compare local indicators with international indicators.